She is a dearest friend in child’s imagination by Eureka C.Bianzon

Her tied up hair is pink and shiny
Her blue eyes are round & shining sprightly
Her dress is combination of pink and silver
Designed with white laces and little flowers
She got only a shoe on her left foot
Like Cinderella who slipped from her prince
without a word
Her smile is meant to be understood
Of bringing happiness to little girl’s blessed
This doll is a gift for its refined artistic creation
As it capture smiles when being embraced
by little ones
She is a dearest friend in child’s imagination
To whom innocents share their story
About their dreams and loved ones
I’ve seen this cute little doll on my working desk when I got at the medical center this morning…It made me smile, it made me reminisce my childhood years…I so loved playing with my barbie dolls when I was a little kid, I had Ken ,I had Mackie,Lara & Deidre…These fictional friends helped me develop more of my imaginative,creative skills & my social skills as well…

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