“I can feel you” by Eureka C. Bianzon

From a thousand miles I can see your eyes staring at me
I can imagine your face and your lips smiling at me
Your presence is so strong and it embraces me freely
I can feel your love and gentleness deep inside of me
I can feel you even if we’re apart
I can see your smile; i can hear your laugh
I can feel your lips kissing me on my forehead
I can feel the love in me that you’ve just said
I can feel your arms when I’ve been through
Bad times
I can hear you saying “darling that’s okay””
Your presence is really my morning sunshine
I can feel how much you care for me in so many
I can feel you now, I can feel you
Being with me in my future
I imagine you walking on the isle with me
I see you being with me forever in my life’s adventure
I can see us growing old together ’til infinity
Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2014 All rights reserved


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