“Magic of Love”

Our glazing eyes suddenly met in the midst of the world
His love enfolded my heart and mists its magic within my soul
My mind confined that He was the man predestined for me
Someone I would share my life & live it with him ’till eternity

My inner feeling burst as I couldn’t control to hold it back
My heart kept on longing for him to cross my shadowed path
Then a day came our love flow freely with the wind
He felt and expressed the same love I felt for him

The magic of our love grow stronger day by day
And never a thing will make it less in any other way
We created our world with warm embrace
Accepting each other’s differences, even our race

Our love spread its magic towards our opposite world
Concatenated our dreams and desires of our loving souls
In the midst of this earth there’s a love that grows
A dream in fairy tale came true from the happy ending it shown



3 thoughts on ““Magic of Love”

  1. That one statement, my writings come from God is a true reflection of your heart and spirit. I am and always have been moved by the spirit in my writings. May your words always be abundantly prosperous with the joy you find in the relationship you share with him. I wrote a poem for Him, called my one and only love. He is first always before anyone in my life. I see he embraces you the same way. Thanks for sharing in your comment! God bless you and your family my sister!

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