“Darling I will love you now, forever till infinity” by Eureka C.Bianzon

 My heart melts when you look at me
With your beautiful eyes
Your presence darling makes me feel
You’re the most special person for me
You’re the only one in my dream
I want to see
You are my song, you are my tune
You are my light at night like the
Glimmering moon
You are my angel, with the
Sweetest smiles
You’re the one I want to watch
Over me throughout the night
In the deepness of your heart
I realized more of my inner beauty
For your heart always say the truth
And your soul speaks with sincerity
I feel your love so naturally
I don’t even feel to fake a smile on my lips
You’re my love my one and only
Darling I will love you now, forever till infinity

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