“I wish” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I wish to wake up every day with you
To see your face next to mine
I could never find this love from anyone
Other than you
You’re the only one i want be with all the

I wish so much that i could hold you
To touch your face, to hold your hands so tight
I don’t know how I would spend my life without you
Darling your warmth is all i want to feel the
For the rest of my life

I wish I can show you not only in words
How much I care
To be with you when your world has gone astray
All I want is to be with you each and everyday
Darling I want to show how much I love you
In so many ways

I wish I can make you feel my heart
Even if we’re apart
And assure you that only you own my heart
Darling thank you for loving me and I promise you that
You will always be my love, and you knew that
From the very start


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