“A Farmer”

Early morning he is up each day

Off on a prairie and all along the way

Travailing his journey on fields, his place

A farmer in his old boots would now start his day

He is in his better land

Digging the soil for the future of his sons

Not minding the heat brought by the sun

His dedication all he made from his heart and hand

This lovely wonderful earth with

beautiful plants and trees

Planted with a whole dignity

by a farmer dear

His obligation in this earth he said

has no end

For there are many people

who needs their hungriness to mend

A farmer is a gift that the heaven sent

Who dedicates his life in fields

until his day will just end

The sun has set and there down came the rain

The farmer walk to home, kiss his wife and kids again

Laying his aching back, resting his calloused feet

And upon closing his eyes, his heart beats

The happiness of planting his purpose, his soul will always keep

his soul will always keep


Mypenandsoul.wordpress.com © 2013 All rights reserved


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