” To be with you ’til eternity” by Eureka C. Bianzon

We went through much ambiguity

Yet our love went to its deepening romance

Journey of our love passed unconsciously

And it digs deeper like an every ocean

We’ve been parted our ways

Times that our hearts suffered from dreadful pain

Yet each other couldn’t take to be in separate ways

Hence real love prevail when we’ve met again

Genuine love we have for each other

We’ve been through much heartache

Yet our hearts couldn’t forget

The love which they’ve promised


Unexpected things might come our way

I hope that we would be braver to conquer those days

It will be my deepest grief for you not to stay

For I’m so in love with you,

 & and I love you in so many ways

I don’t want to think about that someday we would

Be just a memory to each other

If only I could hold the destiny

I would choose

To be with you forever

To talk to you, to embrace you

To be with you ’til eternity



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