“Thank you God for offering me Your hands in my sunset hours” by Eureka C. Bianzon

EVERY day in my sunset hours I used to stay here near the lake

Here’s where I used to express my feelings to You God

Thank you for the daily bread of life that keeps me awake

For giving me each opportunity to learn, to smile and be loved

EVERY day this beautiful sunset says come to me

I will ease your burden and wearied soul

Thank you God for always guiding me

I’ve never trusted anyone about my life only YOU from all

EVERY day I cherish & treasure each sunset

For I know that every heartache will never come again

Here’s where I would leave all the sad disdain

As I walk far from here I know that You bestowed a hope

To me again

EVERY day, each day that I’m spending each moment

During the sunset hours

It reminds me of the things that I’ve been through

Thank you God for offering me Your hands in my sunset hours

How blessed I am to be guided & be loved by YOU

IMG xx rsz_6748


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