“She’s keeping a heart with charm” by Eureka C. Bianzon


She’s talented, she does have many talents

Yet many are still criticizing her with their nuisance intent

She’s been blessed with her soft angelic voice

Yet people used of judging her, for her she got no choice


Many people tortured her heart,

Discriminated her up to the deepest part

Things have done, and she have gone enough

Receiving those nuisance creatures brilliant laugh


She went far to change her world,

To be free from brute people to be free from all

She turned into a lady, a beautiful lady with charm

Who blessed with talents whose heart is pure

And haven’t done any harm


Bless her life for she has a sheer heart

She have grown up with gifts that nuisance people

Couldn’t have

Loving soul, a heart who never tried to hurt even one

Despite of hardships she’s keeping a heart with charm

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