“Love at last” by Eureka C. Bianzon

She loved him,yet He was untrue

He made her believed things

Yet those weren’t the truth

She seemed to be understanding

While He was fooling her like a youth

She loved him more and more

She cared for him every day

While He was trying to ignore

Her sweetness and love in so many ways

She smiled at Him , She told

“I’ll always be here to love you!”

He just laughed,and told

“You’re always saying that,It isn’t new”

One day She fell down, she was so pale

He wasn’t there, He was out somewhere

She tried to call him,He wasn’t answering

He ignored her again,she was crying

Darkness drew in Her world

She was struggling hard just to stay

 He reached home found her on the floor

She was dying and say…

“I have loved you!,

Though I knew you weren’t that truth”

I’m so sorry If I’ll be in far away

I guess it’ll be more hard for me to stay

To be ignored, and to bear all the pain

He was screaming, He felt the love at last

She smiled at him once again, she passed

He cried out loud, wanted to wake her up again

Yet it’s the end ,no chance but to feel all the pain


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