“The Simple You” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Just can’t wait to get along with you

To hold your hand to embrace you

Every minute I’m away from you

Seems like a misery for I’m missin’ you

You knew how much I love you

Your smile, your sweet gentle kiss

Your lovely face, the simple you

You’re all that I love above all these

Simple person that I admire

With kind and sheer heart I desire

Your love of music and the real you

Pertains the love of life, the soul of truth

You’re truly different from them

I haven’t met someone like you

You’re the most unusual person I’ve seen

The reason why I’m always thinkin’ about you

I love the way you are

The simple you made me feel alive

You’re like a wish from a falling star

Who made my life real so bright


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