“Contentment” by Eureka C. Bianzon

A man lying on richness was complaining much

His money and property no one should dare to touch

Greediness to share even left food on his plate

A man with horror attitude he contemplate

Golden stones he owned in his huge palace

His own contentment, the happiness of his life

A boastful man believing his wealth won’t last

Richness and fame for him served his light

He ignored everything because of richness

He laughed, danced, tried different vices

He gambled, became a frown to every people

Claimed he was a grandeur for he owned them all

His life changed in a blink of an eye

The transient laughter became a tear

The sun turned into dawn, a lesson lies

More than the truth he truly feels

His clothing was soiled torn and wet

Almost dying with hunger begging for alms

Staying under the dreadful morning sweat

Waitin’ for a single cent on his open palm

Curtain socks he formed under the overpass

His own realm, to save his great aghast

Poor man living with his pride still with hope

To experience the wonderful life he wasted

That changed his entire world

Contentment is a virtue, real happiness from within

Blessings from God are chances, our needs He sustained

Asking for more even from unnecessary things

Seeking for more than the sensuous pleasure brings life in disdain

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