“Please dont cry” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you
With those words I’ve tried to hide
I didn’t mean to ignore you
It melted my heart when you cried

Please understand if I kept being in silence
With this pain, I don’t know how will I spend
Don’t know for how long will I stay
With you I really don’t want to be in far away

Now you’ve found out that I’ll be leaving soon
Please don’t cry,be strong for me
I have many plans for which will be left undone
Sorry If my time won’t be enough for you & me

I love you!I will always be loving you
I’ll watch over you once I’m there in heaven
I’ll be your angel, I’ll always be with you
In God’s time we will be seeing each other again

Please don’t cry if I won’t be with you for long
This grief deep inside of me keeps on going strong
Straight I fell from sorrow of leaving you
Please don’t cry, I’ll always be here watching over you

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