” I’ll be”by Eureka C. Bianzon

I’ll care for you,I’ll keep you safe and warm

I’ll always be here for you,I’ll keep you from any harm

I’ll fight for you, beside you I’ll always stay

I’ll comfort you,I’ll wipe your tears away

I’ll embrace you,for the whole night

I’ll make you feel that everything will be alright

I’ll be here for you until the tomorrow comes

I’ll be close to you to witness the morning sun

I’ll listen to every song that you sing

I’ll give you the sweetest smile

I’ll be proud of what you are doing

I’ll be your number one fan of all time

I’ll always be here,who will give the rythym in your life

I’ll be your loveliest melody, a beautiful tune for you

I’ll cherish you forever,I’ll be your light

I’ll fufill your needs,”I’ll be”, because I love you!


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