“Walk of Life” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Walk of life plays between right and wrong
Challenging the human from being weak then strong
Need of being in peace from being disturbed
it is the essence of life we shall absorb

We gained the knowledge from being ignorant
Cured from being sick and sore
the chance to paced ourselves from being pant
resting ourselves for an energy to be restored

We attained happiness from being sad
we are being fed from being starved
A wider walk of life we shall admire
we gained rest to ease our hearts from being tired

Attaining a dream we never dreamed
Witnessing the morning light from yesterday’s dawn
reaching a place such sweet and serene
where we can sing such beautiful songs

Faith from above refuge us for
happiness ought to find
we are blessed with fate such one of a kind
we shall be thankful of its wonderful content
 walk of beautiful life we shall live and spend


photograph by photographer Arjan Bolaños
my poem published by http://www.kabayanweekly.com UAE newpaper
issue Feb.14 – 20 2013


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