“I love you like I love your father” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Remember when we we’re passing by upon the wintry streets

You were crying that time my grandchild

I suddenly remember your father when he asked something to eat

He was that small when he showed me a desperate cry

I love you like I’d love your father

Now that I’m old hope you’ll take a look after him my grandson

We got no chance to spend each time together

Hope with you both there will be a great chance

Time is sweeping by, yet we got unvanished memories

With this eyes not that much to see, with this ear

Which can hear your voice silently

We don’t know when this time turn last

Being apart from you will be this heart’s deep aghast

The light of your smiles, such a blessing that I could keep

This brought happiness to my eyes that weep

With you I’ve seen your father whom I missed to be with

Reminds me of promises of those happy years

When you grow up tell your father that I love him the most

My heart’s filled with tears when I left him alone

I’ve went far to sustain his needs

Now I realized that I miss him

I’ve missed those valuable things with him

Photograph by photographer Franco Andrade Naron

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