“Dad,you’re the best father in everything” by Eureka C. Bianzon

I remember those days when you were calling me baby

Those moments when we had long talks

Those times when I held your hand

I love you absolutely

I reminisce all the fun that we had


You’re the one who encouraged me to do anything

To draw, to play the piano, you’re my first fan when i sing

You’re the man who always tell that I’m beautiful

Just to make my day so wonderful


The things that you imparted me

Profoundly modified my life

You were always there next to me

You’re love is always at my sight


Being far away from you seems to

Be the hardest thing 

Your care is all that I’m seeking                   

Dad thank you for teaching me valuable things

You’re the best father in everything


This is what I want you to know

That someday we will be together

No matter how long it seems

You’re here in my heart

And always part of my dreams

Photograph by photographer Mark Tomboc

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