“Isle of Ineffable Life” by Eureka C. Bianzon


Vanished ages recalling

The charm, the radiance of noonday time

In a solemn place where birds singing

Slowly reminiscing the past yet fruitful time


Visions filled with tears like rain

From happiness bestowed by God to them

The blaze of sunshine brought joy for every pain

Gives more hope, and reasons to smile again


For every morning light

There’s always an evening guest

For every fighter who are always willing to fight

There will come a time they’ll pace to rest


No  Sages, Philosophers nor King won’t depart

A treasure which will remain a dignified yet humbled heart

Even a rose fades slowly from its shining state

Nothing is permanent nor each shall not abjure each faith


The Velvet tender Isle of Ineffable life

Lies the freedom to crown ones will

Good deeds from God’s divine

Is the only permanent thing we shall engrave from within

Photograph by photographer Emil Latumbo
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
Issue no.38,column “POEM OF VIEW”
January 24-30,2013

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