“Until This Moment We Grown Old” by Eureka C. Bianzon


The leaves are old

The dried ones are start flying

Our body abruptly affected with cold

Hair strands turned gray my darling


More than 50 years of spending each day with you

Were all quite adorning

From those years until this day when I’m with you

You never ceased from loving

We’ve been together predestined for each other

You dowered me with real imperial friendship and love

You’ve been with me with all triumphs I’ve encountered

You gave me hope and illuminated my life


We’ve raised our children with a happy family

Years gone by all of them are in their own destination

Thank you darling for loving me eternally

For staying with me,

For being with me in years of happiness and frustrations


You’ve been my strength; you’ve been my pillar of support

The unconditional you gave me brightened up my world

For those times when we were young

Until this moment we grown old


Photograph by photographer Jesse James Fernandez
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
column “POEM OF VIEW”
January 20-26 ,2013

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