“The Day that You’re Gone” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Sitting alone in the middle of the night
It seems that I am in a different place
Crying out myself affright
Departing after a long deplorable day

Leaving you was unsubservient to the will
This feeble  heart is saying that I love you still
My poems ripple,all about you alone
Without you, how would I find my way home

My heart is aching,tears are shed
The day that you’re gone,the darkness brings dread
I’ve tried hard to wear a mask of valorous face
But it wasnt enough to hide the pain in infinite space

Bountiful memories of happy moments perished
Darkness surrounds woes my world
No chance to be with you whom I cherished
Those times, days,months and years
When you were mine I will hold

Photograph courtesy of Muhammad Faizan
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
,column “POEM OF VIEW”
November 29 – December 06 2012

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