Photographer’s Poem by Eureka C.Bianzon

I wanna take a good photo of you

Hope upon I’ve shown it you’d like it too

Your appreciation let me more do

To continue what I’ve started,

and make them construe

After I took a photo of you

I’ll surely scan it from my camera

I’ll stay up late keeping things to do

that would make it the most

Beautiful image as la mera

Your smile brought happiness to my heart

Saying “really! that is me?”

On that photograph that Ive seen

It melted my heart upon hearing that

For the things that you’ve  said

Gave special feeling on my part

As being a photographer it made me realize

Every little things captured through my eyes

Life is same as photograph

Of holding happy moments and pleasant things

Which will never be the same as the past

Photograph by photographer Jesse James Fernandez
Published by KABAYAN weekly UAE
column “POEM OF VIEW”
November 22-28,2012

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