“Learning how to ride”by Eureka C. Bianzon

It was a sunny  morning

The first day that I’ve tried to ride  my bike

I Ignored my mom who kept on staring

 and never let me lose from her sight

For how many times I begged for someone

 to teach me

Only a thing  they used to tell

“It’s too big for you”really!

So I gathered my courage

Even facing the crucial part

I knew soon I will able to ride on it

even if it is the hardest start

I felt so proud Ive done it alone

I knew it was my achievement

Learning how to ride a bike was a child

Great  sense of accomplishment

Balancing the tough

 and challenges along the way

was a great lesson that day

“Learning how to ride”

With the worlds training wheel

Helped me pass all the obstacles

And  leaded me on the right way

Photograph by photographer Aldrin Francisco


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