“Mama I LOVE YOU” by Eureka C. Bianzon

Your hands held mine when tears were about to fall

You embraced me and taught me of how to be strong

You stood for me through thick and thin

You showed me love and keep it from within

Mom thank you for the memories and thoughts

You’ve made me realize life from the wisdom you’ve taught

You’re my pillar of support

You’re the only one who could bring me comfort

Though we are too far from each other now

In everything I do, mom I do feel your gladness

Thank you for relieving my sorrow

You’re the reason behind my happiness

Thank you for your constant prayers

For me to surmount all of the trials that I will bear

Your presence is always within my heart

Every now and then since when I was there

Mom, you’re so special to me

You’re true love, your kindness

Are the things that I always see

Mama I love you

Nobody could ever take your place

For me


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